Stay cooled off this summer in Tampa.

5 Effortless Strategies to Beat the Heat this Summer in Tampa

As an inhabitant of Florida, whether you’re freshly relocated or have basked in its sunny glory for years, the sultry heat of summer is no stranger. For those calling our Tampa Palms apartments home, the blessing of central air is undeniable. Yet, constantly running your A/C isn’t just a hit to your wallet—it’s hardly a green choice. We’ve gathered some top-notch strategies for keeping your space at Mezzo of Tampa Palms comfortably cool during the blistering summer months without letting your energy bills skyrocket. Dive into these 5 strategies for a chill apartment vibe this summer.


1.) Opt for blackout or heavyweight curtains to fend off sunlight

While it might sound backwards, hanging heavy or blackout curtains can significantly cool your home by blocking the sun’s intense rays. These curtains act as natural insulators, ideal for lesser-used rooms or for times when you’re not home, despite sacrificing some natural light.


2.) Circulate air with portable fans

Maintain a refreshing airflow in your abode at our New Tampa apartments by bringing in some portable fans. They’re perfect for those stubbornly warm rooms, offering a cost-effective alternative to having your air conditioner on full blast.


3.) Embrace cold showers and hydration

To combat the heat from within, cool showers can be a quick fix. Dousing your hair or just ducking your head under the cold stream can extend the cooling effect. Besides, never underestimate the power of gulping down cold water to cool off and stay hydrated, especially after sweating it out.


4.) Minimize kitchen heat with outdoor grilling or a slow-cooker

Our kitchens in Tampa Palms boast modern appliances that make home-cooked meals tempting. Yet, summer cooking can undesirably warm up your space. Keep your cool by grilling outdoors at our facilities or opting for a slow-cooker, allowing the range hood fan to mitigate any heat when indoors.


5.) Shift laundry habits to cooler hours or air-dry clothes

Laundry tasks are notorious heat generators within your living space, especially when using the dryer. Tackle your laundry in the cooler evening hours to lessen heat accumulation, or air-dry your clothes as a day-time alternative.


The allure and warmth of the Florida sunshine are undeniable, yet they need not lead to exorbitant cooling costs. With these easily adoptable tips, you’ll enjoy a pleasantly cooler apartment. Visit us at Mezzo of Tampa Palms to explore our inviting community today.

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